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 Welcome to GIMP 101

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Welcome to GIMP 101 Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to GIMP 101   Welcome to GIMP 101 Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 5:58 pm

Welcome to GIMP 101

For those who are not familiar with gimp, no this is not a kinky forum its an editing one lol

Gimp is a free version of photoshop, it may not have as many fancy filters or swatches but if used correctly can be a VERY handy tool.

For your free download visit here -->

Below are some of examples of what can be achieved in gimp. If you have any questions/tutorial requests feel free to ask.

Welcome to GIMP 101 Ifall2

Welcome to GIMP 101 Samples

Welcome to GIMP 101 Chance1

Welcome to GIMP 101 Broken-x-
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Welcome to GIMP 101
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