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 ~:Lip Trick:~

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PostSubject: ~:Lip Trick:~   Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:59 pm

~*~LIP TRICK!~*~

Dont like the colour the colour of your lips or eyes? well heres a neat little trick for you Razz

**I have used the tutorials I made on imvu but you should be able to see easy enough what to do**


click on the paths tool and place markers around the lips, be careful to get the full shape


PRESS CTRL AND THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME! and then click on selection from path on the main
tool bar.


go to the top of your picture and go to colours > colourise and then play around with the tabs to find a colour you like


once finished i just click on the ellipse tool then the back ground so im no longer just selected to the lips. You can use this trick for hair or eyes but for eyes maybe easier using the tool i have highlighted in purple.

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~:Lip Trick:~
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